Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-07 02:56:43 (UTC)

Is that Normal?

O hey lookie me .... I was bored so I thoughts I would put
something in this thing. Yea ... so it has been like a
couple days since a good friend moved away. Yea .... TIMMY!
haha okay. Yea he moved like the entire continent away.
Here I am on the west side and there he goes to the east
side. It was always fun to talk to him. He scared me.
Hahaha but yea. He was a good person to talk to. He was a
great friend. He wasn't Normal. God I hate the word. What
the hell is it. Normal normal normal oooooooo I HATE THAT
DAMN WORD!!!!! It is NOT descriptive in any way. Okay so
yea TIMMY moved away. Hahaha he hates it when I call him
that. But that is okay. It is. Yea but he was a nice
person. O yea and he played the guitar ooo well I am sure
he still does but he said he would reserve me a copy of the
cd he put together. I am still waiting for it when it gets
done. Haha. Yea mail it to me buddy. Yea Life sucks. But
what can I say. I think I will live. I am sure I will. Yea.
Uh huh. Pretty sure. Okay yea ........ I think that is it
for now. yea .............