Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
2002-07-31 05:40:55 (UTC)

=-= Im afraid =-=

July 31 st 1:30 am - Canada

Got into another argument, with my girlfriend...
She changed, Im 30 years old and she's 23 she is a
barmaid.. everybody loves her

She loves em back more than me, she doesint't wan't to
leave me , i know ive ask for 1 month and a half long ...

It's been that long without affection and sex,
without updating " my diary " . Im supposed to be mature...

why do i feel jealousy, Hatred, disbelief, unsecure ?
Why is she hiding something?
Leave her alone ! - a voice suddenly apears in my head..
if she loves you it's probably youare her sugar dady.. she
make more money than me, i have a 2 year old son, it's
taking a lot of my time, she feels alone, lonely, sad, when
she is with me...

men i feel like leaving everything there and going away ,
but she won't let me ...

this story has to continue... see it in a futur post
i hate myself - Steven J. Jenkins aka :: Da Jenxter

-= Listening to Waisting my time (accoustic)- by Default =-

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