~~~~my dramatic life~~~
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2001-07-07 02:56:20 (UTC)

sneaking into a flick

i went out w/alex and shannnon and went to the mall and
chilled and bought tixs 2 see A.I since wea are all under
17and planned 2 sneak into scary movie 2. well, alex ad
shannon got into a lil fight alex took off, i was stuck
w/shannon and then had a long convo w/this complete
stranger who was a xutie.. lol. we find alex and shannon
says she wants see a. i.. grr.. soi sneak into it by
myself. well this hottie wh works there, alan saw mea and
left and i wen ti .. yah! hehe. it was wered seeing a movie
by my self, but worth it.

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