Cute Chaos

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2002-07-31 05:30:32 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 30th

Well, this is my last diary entry and I am all caught up.
That took a long time. I just hope I don't have to do it
again, hard work. I wil have to start giving some back
ground information about friends and family and major

Baby-sitting today was good. Angela called last night at
about 11 p.m. I really don't want to watch the kids much
more but I need the money. They behaved pretty well today.
I think I will have to have Wally say they will behave like
angels everyday. At least I have a two day break.

My dentist appointment should be interesting. I have not
been wearing my bands. They make my mouth sore then I can
never eat and hard foods. So FUCK THEM! Anything that goes
wrong, the dentist have to fix. They are in a contract with
my braces. I just hope they come off soon. I want them to
get off but I don't follow the directs. Oh well.

Amber got a call back on her job application at Target.
They want her to come in for an interview on Thursday. I
hope that she gets the job. This is going to be a big step
for her to face her fear of men. I don't know if I will be
able to baby-sit for her though. I have to talk with my
grandmother and see when my interview is. I have to make a
statement with the police in JC. This is going to be a very
big mess. I have that gut feeling.

Wally rented Resident Evil today. That is the best movie. I
could watch it over and over again. It was really cool in
the theaters. I think that everyone should get a copy, even
if they are not into the video games! I am really tired and
my dad is bitchen!


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