Cute Chaos

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2002-07-31 05:09:48 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 27th

Jessi came over right after we woke up. In fact it was her
phone call telling us she was on her way that woke us up.
We just talked and played basketball until Jon, Chris, and
Ryan came over. It was a lot of fun! I was like drowning
Ryan. I killed his shoulder too. He did a flip into the
pool and was going to land on a huge raft and I moved it.
Only his right side hit the raft and I guess it really
hurt. Jon was being so cool too. He kept launching us off
of his shoulders. It was cool. Along with chicken fights,
but Jon and Jessi kicked our asses (Chris and I). I can't
believe what Jon said to Jessi though. He told her to pull
up her top because the other guys were looking down it.
After he dumped her like that now he is trying to protect
her from others guys. Chris was asking me out again and he
made kissy faces at me 3 times. He kept telling me that he
loved me too. Jessi says that he is after a piece and I
believe it. I just told him to call me. We can talk about
it later I was not going to let it ruin the moment. Seeing
the three of them and just hanging out and swimming with
them reminded me of how much fun we used to have. It made
me want to start hanging out with them again. Chris asked
if Jessi and I would go camping with him for like a week. I
don't think I could but it was be really fun! When it was
time for the boys to leave for the Rascal Flats concert
they got undressed right in the back yard. The used their
towels to cover them self the best they could but it did
not work very well. Ryan like showed all. Then, Jon was
running with just his towel on and everything was bouncing
around. I felt so violated! The boys looked so cute in
their cowboy hats. When the boys left all Korrie could do
was bitch about how they were being mean to her and how
they were not listening. Personally I had fun; I just think
she needs to lighten up a little bit. Mikey came over and
Korrie was totally flirting. She is so desperate; I think
it is funny. As mush as she says it is for the better you
KNOW that she still wants Mike. WE ordered pizza and I
stuffed my face again: chips, three slices of pizza and
three pieces of garlic bread. WE watched part of Roller
Ball. It looks like a good movie although it was really
bloody! WE went swimming and played with the goggles. It
was fun because it was mellower. And it was a smaller group
so we got to hang out more. I went for a kiss with Korrie
under the water (as a joke) and we both blew bubbles in our
faces. It was funny! I called my grandparents to ask if I
could stay another night and my grandmother threw a fit!
She came and picked me up right away!

The entire way home I got a lecture about responsibility
and trust. I just zoned out. I know it all; I have heard it
before. They want me to move in with them so that they can
look after me better. I DON'T THINK SO! I am not hard to
control. My attitude problem comes from them, not for my
friends! I am stronger than the let my friends effect me in
a negative way (majorly!).

I had an awesome talk with Wally tonight. I found out that
he liked me. I kind of ruined that because I ran off with Rusty
one day at the lake. I feel really bad. I did not mean to
hurt his feelings, although I did not know. I guess as of
right now he considers me his best friend. I think that is
cool because at least he knows that there is one person
here to back him up and help him, I HOPE! I think it is
really nifty to be considered someone’s best friend. I feel
kind of bad though because I don't have a best friend. I
call people my best friends but they are all really equal.
Every one of my friends helps me in a different way. They
all know different stuff about me and I have different
comfort levels with everyone. I guess I am just really
lucky to have a few GREAT friends. Although I am really
glad that Wally and I are growing so close. He still hides
behind his computer, but I do understand because the only
other time I see him is when everyone else is around. I
just hope he knows I am here, no matter what!


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