Alisha's Journal
2002-07-31 04:13:30 (UTC)

Darien Lake and my new job

Tomorrow i leave for Darien lake, for three days, staying
at the HOTEL there. Ohyeah. I am excited! haha. I get to
see Creed with my friend, Casey, yay! haha. I'm looking
forward to the blast that i always have with
her...especially at theme parks. Oh yeah.(we have about the
same taste in HOT men) guys allowed. haha. I
flipping. was my first day of work,
interesting. I hate it. I think it might grow on me though,
especially the people there. There is this one kid there,
his name is Joe...he's cool, he makes you feel welcome. I
think i could learn to like the guy. I am the buffet girl,
and its alot harder than it seemes. When you go to ponderosa
(where i work, obviously) and you see the buffet people re-
filling everything, you think nothing of it...because it
looks EASY. its not. Believe me. Its complicated...which i
love complicated things, it kind of motivates me. I'm
someone who LOVES action...i CANNOT sit still, well, i can,
and if i do...i really do. haha. But...i LOVE to have a
busy schedule, especially on things i love. The days where
i get up, go to school, go to track then do homework and go
to bed, are AWESOME days to me, they are the perfect day,
but a day full of nothing...I despise. One of my friends
once told me that i had an Aura around me, a good one that
allows alot of people to like me and just, want to hang
around me and find more about me, sorta thing...i noticed
it today. It was awesome. Does anyone read this? If you
do...please comment. haha. I'm not desperate, no....haha.
Hmm...what else happened today? Oh, i got pissed off at my
dad...then my mom, for taking my dads side, then at nick,
the friend of the cause of the argument with my dad and
mom. Here. I'll explain, its better for me since no one
reads this anyways. I have this REALLY good guy friend, his
name is nick, obviously, and we were gonna have a movie
night, hang out, and basically be ourselves, dorks. BUT, my
dad had to ruin it by making up a new rule...i can't stay
out later than nine everynight...with nick, basically. When
all my other siblings were aloud to stay out all freaking
night and they wouldn't think twice about it, URG, makes me
so mad. They don't trust sister even agrees with me
on this one. I am so tired, i can't sleep anymore. I'll
talk on the phone with nick until one in the morning,
almost everynight and then i read for an hour, thats about
two everymorning, then i try to go to sleep...i don't.
SO...I turn on the tv....flip through the channels, watch
something if there is anything on...there usually
isn't...then i think for awile....then i usually drift to
sleep by then cause its around three, three thirtyish by
then. Wow. this is pretty long and i could go on forever. I
like talking to myself, it makes me feel much better. OH
MY. i SWEAR there is a ghost in my house, last night, i
fell asleep on one pillow, there was a head mark on two was WEIRD. I'm gonna miss nick...haha. Shh.
DONT TELL ANYONE! haha....well, i better go start my
nightly routine. SEE YA!