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2001-07-07 02:16:17 (UTC)

July 6, 2001

I finally got a job!! Hallelujah!!! I'm quite proud of
myself, but I am NOT proud of the fact that I have been
abandoned. Officially. All alone on a Friday night, no one
is home, and no one has called. Is this a conspiracy? I
think so. Jeffrey said he heard them whispering in the hall
about a giant hot dog, but neither one of us know where
that is located. I know what I want to be doing but I am
now convinced that that is entirely impossible due to the
misperceptions of the male sex. I refuse to do all the work
for nothing. I would also like to talk to one of my two
best friends since I am offically freaking out BUT neither
one can be found. Oohh this part in this song is
hilarious "remember that time that we broke up before the
prom and you told everyone that I was gay..." Too funny. My
proms were so fun this year, it's sad to think that I will
never get to go to a prom ever again. Oh well, I had the
best date EVER, Jimmy you rock the party dawg. After prom
wasn't too shabby either...but that's another story
altogether :-D. I think, no I KNOW, I am going through one
of my rabbit phases again. I swear, it hasn't even been a
week and yet I'm feenin' like hardcore. AHH this is not
good given my present situation. I'm beginning to think I
have abnormal hormonal rushes a few times a year, most
girls I know don't do this. What's a girl supposed to do
but sit here and humm I Can't Get No Satisfaction?
Something has to be done about this, before I try to rape
someone again (sorry about that haha!!) JOKING

Today's Daddyism: "I think therefore I am. That is the
final product of an application of total doubt. If you
want to start from scratch, that is the place to do it."