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2002-07-31 03:57:35 (UTC)

again again

ok, so a little bit about myself. im 19. 20 in september. i
live with my boyfriend and a friend of mine, in a duplex
house. the people who live on the other side of the house
are also very cool. i am begining to feel like i am where i
belong. my only worry is that my boyfriend and i are
growing farther away from each other, because we both work,
and when we arent working we are surrounded by other
people. and when we are alone, we are sleeping. i love him
very much, and he has changed my life for the better in so
many ways. and im scared i will loose him, and i dont want

i also have recently started eating more, and therefor have
gained some weight back. again, thanks to my boyfriend. i
dont mind this of course, because who wants to have an
eating disorder. i do however, hate the weight. i want to
be small and im scared i wont be. it almost a question of
what i would rather have. food and health, or my looks. if
only i could be 5 or 10 pounds lower. but alas i cannot be.

im worried about money as well. i have a pretty good job,
but im still not making quite enough to live on. and i
could easily have a job where i would make more then
enough, but, i like my job now and im not sure i would like
that one. its again a choice i have to make, and i dont
know what to do. i think im going to wait until school
starts, and see what i need then. its only another month
until then.

and i think a bug just crawled INSIDE my laptop....

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