My Life
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2001-07-07 01:47:24 (UTC)


OMG! Today, I went over to Zack's house. Well, I didn't
really go to his house, we were in the woods right by his
house. We didn't go to his house because...oh boy, here I
go...anywayz, his mom thinks that I am a slut (which im
not) and she doesn't want him talking to me or anything and
his brothers will tell..err. His dad was alseep and his
mom was at work. I went from 11:57-3:26. He told his
brothers that he was going to walk the dog(ya, for 3 1/2 The weird thing is, they believed
He told them that the dog ran away from him. I never
thought that they would buy Well,
anywayz...his mom kinda didn't believe him, but she had no
way 2 prove him wrong or anything, so she couldn't really
get him in trouble. lol Anywayz, Zack is so sweet. The
whole time, he didn't take his eyes off me, I think that is
so sweet. Last night, I was thinking about breaking up
with him, but there is like no way I could do that now.
*stupid* It's like, everytime I see him I get this weird
feeling, I've never felt like this before.
Well, I have to go, he just signed online.
Love alwayz,
Amber Goss
~*Zack's Gurl*~