Holy Monkey Noodle
2001-07-07 01:33:38 (UTC)

Tongue Piercing....

Well it has been exactly one week since I got my tongue
pierced... It doesn't hurt as much anymore... *note to
self* whenever anyone says it won't hurt.... DON'T
LISTEN!!! *end of note* I really didn't think it would hurt
because like three of my friends have gotten theirs done...
and they all said it didn't hurt... LIARS! I still talk a
lil funny but my speach is getting better by the day... It
is getting easier to eat... My dad said I will reget doing
this later in life... but what does he know.... :-)
*thinking* GeeZ ya know dad looks like Hitler when he has a
mustach *end of thought* SOoOoOoOoOooOO life is rather
boring right now... actually I a a lil bit sad... I don't
know when I will get to see my boyfriend again(I start my
full-time job monday and working my part-time job on
weekends) AHhHhHhHh aggrivating!!! *pulls hair out*
damnit... Well I know there was something else important
that I should write down but I can't remember.... SoOoOO
*waves good-bye to self* LAterZ