Sporty Tomboy

2002-07-31 02:28:04 (UTC)

Intestines are made to be fondled...

cuz you know... things do not seep. don't ya know?? i have
NO TIME for diary, but since i had a minute instead of
going on the dmv website (more procrastinating--general and
me are bad little girls :() i was like hey people. does
anybody read this? reply to me, or else ill be like fuck
this, no more ybbil private thoughts. my thoughts arent
private dammit, everybody knows... but yeah.

So. What can i say except people are cool...

GJTH842002: i am glad that you are a princess of darkness i am a
GJTH842002: i bite the guys and you screw them

Castmember2003: But their all about creating families with their see
through thongs- Shibby on Walmart
Castmember2003: the truth behind Walmart on the next Ricki lake

drakkdrakk: no you dont
drakkdrakk: you wanna leave me
drakkdrakk: get me pregante and ditch me in a gutter

Chrisholio: I have a huge ass
Chrisholio: I sit it it goes blupp


drakkdrakk: im not good enough to lick you :p

Liz8646: omg
Liz8646: i miss u!


Sk8rRich012345: and im here with my arm around my lovely........while
stroking my ................... and being careful to put my fingers
in the right places

Sk8rRich012345: i saw a nice juicey cherry and my hand just
accidently went down your bra
Sk8rRich012345: im not fondelling your breast the cherry keeps on

TurtleInkGirl: good night angel baby

InsaneGurl501: senior qoutes..Libby McClung : Christina...your going
DOWN! Christina Colf: I dont THINK SO.. Libby, YOUR GOING DOWN!!!

InsaneGurl501: we put the PRO in procrastinator!

Crawlingdeath: suffocate between boobs.............what a way to go

drakkdrakk: and libby is just like the libby mermaid
drakkdrakk: so lets fuck

drakkdrakk: oh shit its oral sex tuesday? *undoes his pants*

drakkdrakk: what? you're laying ontop of me in a bathtub naked?
drakkdrakk: thats not a bad position

dru186d: hey
Chiquita4011CR: sorry... i was just leaving

GJTH842002: i am from a land of cum
drakkdrakk: a land of cum eh
drakkdrakk: wouldnt that be a sea?

GothOfTheFather: in my belief the first moment U can look at someone
and say i love U and thaey say it back and U mean it with everything
U are U are married in God's eyes
Chiquita4011CR: awwww... that is so sweet

GothOfTheFather: ( i ) moons U
Chiquita4011CR: =-O what a dirty man
GothOfTheFather: :-Ddirty old man to U girly

GothOfTheFather: so what U been up to since i was gone
Chiquita4011CR: fucked every guy in town, rode around with a
motorcycle gang, got really fucking stoned then got raped with the
date rape drug by silent bob and went to a party to find a pair of
polar bear pajamas that i wasnt wearing for long since i streaked
along main street

MrsSleepieAE: if sex were fast food, there'd be an arch over your bed!

S Marks 197 Lb: love ya liberatchy!

TheWoRLDiSsMiNe: damn
TheWoRLDiSsMiNe: you are PHAT

drakkdrakk: people call me god i swear i have herad people go
drakkdrakk: as in 'fucking god' not fucking 'god'

drakkdrakk: poke
drakkdrakk: :-P

Kurb is my name: I am sooooo gay like I'm the gayest gay
Kurb is my name: Your boobs are very nice
Kurb is my name: I like your booty better though
bootyliciousJKrs: she's evil sean, she really is lol

drakkdrakk: definition of cutesy stuff "oral and penatration though
the anal"

drakkDRAKK: sorry to inform you but im already dead
PRANEET1: don't worry i wil make u live i just have to touch u
somewhere deep:-P
PRANEET1: so wanna give it a try Drrrrrr
drakkDRAKK: drrrrrr?
drakkDRAKK: its drakk
drakkDRAKK: and i already said
drakkDRAKK: im not female
PRANEET1: then i have to touch somewhere deep in backk side of ur:-D
drakkDRAKK: guh

Chiquita4011CR: im wearing my naughty pants :P
WindowsMessenger: too bad it wont get naughty enough
Chiquita4011CR: pants are never naughty
eellang: only the people wearing them
eellang: ....or not wearing them?

Sirius923: not me not now, what smart kids tell their parents

SpecialSauceGuy2: k peep dis
Sirius923: we're peeping yo

Chiquita4011CR: yeah it gets so fucking turned on by me
drakkdrakk: what doesnt?
Chiquita4011CR: HEY what am i some kinda whore? :-[
drakkdrakk: no
drakkdrakk: i didnt say yo ugive it to everyone
drakkdrakk: i just said who wouldnt want it ;p

Chiquita4011CR: dude i figure, if i love my feet.. that they will
love me back
Sk8rRich012345: make love to your feet and they will make love to you
Chiquita4011CR: alright *loves feet, calls it pet names, stokes it
and "such"*

Chiquita4011CR: lol shut the fuck up you bitchass
drakkdrakk: bitchass?
drakkdrakk: does that mean i have a females dog butt?

Yourmom994u: I bet steve could beat us all up
Chiquita4011CR: he could beat me up :-... well he IS my bodyguard
after all
S Marks 197 Lb: damn right, so any of you bitches that messes with
her will get a personal ass whoopin courtesy or steveroni!

Syko Towelie: i dont think you act like a guy
Syko Towelie: except for when you say that something sucks your dick

PunkSkaRoxMySox: Judgmental closedminded people that control the
corporate owned media TRY and tell you how to dress, how to look, how
to talk, how to act, and how to behave. Everything in our society
supports uniformity and normality no matter what the cost is, and
that includes your own personality and individuality. Look around you!
How many people on national T.V. do not wear clothes that make
themselves look like walking billboards?

sTeVeSLiLbRoThA: wednesday nite i was gonna switch to ur line cuz im
like damn! shes hott

Sirius923: y'know, on a cellular level, we're all having sex right now
Sirius923: our cells are asexually reproducing
Sirius923: by the millions

peacecount013: age doesnt matter, Sex = yes, Location = down below
will do me fine....

drakkdrakk: :-Dthe normal way, ;-)andO:-)are asking for it,:-[means
no,:-!dont put it there!

drakkdrakk: =-O
drakkdrakk: thats you
drakkdrakk: i'll just add a littleyellow sticky note that
says "insert here

drakkdrakk: hey i dont think any guys would mind you having a sticky
note on your face saying "insert here"
drakkdrakk: better than having it on your ass :-X
drakkdrakk: that would be this face :o

drakkdrakk: oh gee
drakkdrakk: im a blob
drakkdrakk: and not just a blob
drakkdrakk: a heat releasing blob
drakkdrakk: a big heat releasing blob to top it off
drakkdrakk: the mental picture
drakkdrakk: my god
drakkdrakk: big.... red.... heat releasing....blob.....
drakkdrakk: sitting on a computer chair

SpecialSauceGuy2: im such a weirdo -- get this
SpecialSauceGuy2: theres this guy -- right i asked him for a quarter
he said go fuck yourself and i said will u gimme a quarter for it --
and he punched me
SpecialSauceGuy2: mother fucker didnt even pay me a quarter

SUBLIMEMONSTER58: should be matt's lil devil

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