Britt's No Brainer Thoughs
2001-07-07 01:17:40 (UTC)

The Movie Novels VS. The Actual Movie.

Jesus Christ.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within looks so damn real,
except it's animated, heh.
When I logged onto AIM just a few minutes ago, they had a
feature on the movie, showing pictures of the HEROINE
HERO!!) Aki Ross, and believe it or not, she looks real.
The movie isn't out until the 12th all over the US, but I'm
not gonna see it. Sadly :( I'm gonna wait until October,
hopefully it's still in theatres. :D What's so funny is
that, I was at Borders earlier this afternoon, and found
the novelization of it. Ummm .. Bill is gonna kill me I
suppose cuz I bought the novelization? =op(

Comparing movies to novels:

The Novelizations:

More details of what the character is actually thinking
about, worring about, etc.


See what there face expessions are when they say stuff to
each other, people dont know what is going through there
minds, see the scenes.

BTW, like in every FF, I've noticed that there is usually a
guy named CID in them. In the movie, there is a guy who
helps Aki, who's name is,"Sid," but spelt with an S.

A really good novelization that I've read is,"Never been
kissed," and,"Ever After." Hell yea, I've seen both the
movies after I've read the books. They seem the same, but
in the book, there's more detail.

I usually go for comedy, action or drama movies. I'm a
sucker when it comes to action movies though, YES, even
though I'm a girl, and a GIRL is supposted to like romance
movies .. O.o;;

My favorite movies: Interview with the Vampire, MI2 (Tom
Cruise rox), Scream 1, 2, 3, I know what you did last
summer, Urban Legend, Urban Legend 2: Final Cut (so
bloody), Nutty Professor 1 & 2, Never Been kissed,
Charlie's Angels, Ever After, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, IT,
Storm of the Century

j00 ..

Movies I would like to see: Final Fantasy: The Spirits
Within (CANNOT SEE IT O.O), Legally Blonde

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