Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-07 01:09:04 (UTC)

Why is it sunny?

O hey lookie me .... I got this really kewl new Diary
thingie and I dont kno what to put in it. I never liked
Diaries anyway. They have always seemed kinda wierd and I
always looked at them to be for lil girls. But I am a girl.
Just not the DIARY type girl. O hahaha. Makes me feel like
I am talking to my computer hahaha. Okay well yea. I just
thought this was really interesting. I probably wont even
keep it updated. It just isn't me to keep up with things.
Maybe once every week I will put something utterly insane
in here. I hate to use the word Drama but I guess it would
only be appropriate. No okay I lied. My life is screwed up.
Why is it sunny? O hahaha ...... maybe cus it is summer
dumbass. Hahaha. My head is all screwed up. Life sucks. But
hey that is okay right I mean come on. We live, have fun,
and then we die. O Joy! I mean I am really looking forward
to that. Sounds a lil like fun. Screw up screw up! Hehe. O
hey I am stupid. You kno it is always bad to loose your
sense of direction. I mean Where the hell am I going with
this??? What am I talkin about. You kno I could go on
forever with this but would that be "human" of me. OOOO I
am not human. I am not even alive. I am Dead! I AM DEAD