Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-07-31 01:36:53 (UTC)

itz tuesday i think

uhh i think itz tuesday but i aint good wit dat kinda shit.
uhh havent written in awhile. da last couple dayz i've been
chillin wit lindsey diana and jessica and tiffany a lil.
itz been real. went to super splash got hella red. yea sux
anywayz. ya kno. jessica whuz kool. she got online and
would meet people from missouri and meet dem up placez and
i'd go wit her. k yesterday she met dis guy named spencer
we chilled wit him for awhile and shit. den today he
chilled wit us again. jessica liked him and shit. he cumz
up to me and tellz me he likez me better and shit. den i
guess he told her and she fuckin shit a brick. she whuz
mad. and she whuz usin jeff for a ride and he got pissed
and den spencer got mad cuz she whuz bein immature and
shit. and so all dat. and uhh yea. so jeff took me home and
took spencer home. and we left her ass at da park. oh and
when i whuz chillin at southwood. i saw andrew wit his
friendz. after awhile i went up to him and whuz like wut no
hello? he'z like who r u? im like damn and started walkin'
away. hez like just playin' just playin' haha. but i kept
walkin. and so dat whuz my day. oh and i met up jason,
adrienne, raymond and sum guyz at da park. dey kool. and
dis gurl named kristi is kool. itz all gravy. who really
givez a shit. iight i wrote. now ima go live my life. byez.