~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
2001-07-07 00:58:28 (UTC)

~*~Fustration = Karyn~*~

I tend to get so mad at Karyn for the littlest things. I
really hope that our move to Cali will go well. The good
thing is that if it ends up not going so well my mom will
send her back here to live with my mom so either way
everything is all ok.

Tomorrow i want to go out to the barn and visit my horse.
I haven't seen Beau in quiet awhile i feel bad when its
been a long time since i have gone out there. Lately it is
just hard to find time to go out there and spend time with
him. Karyn never wants to go out there so i know that when
i want some alone time i will just go out to the barn for a
day or even a couple hours to be by myself or once.

Well, we are going out tonight so i will write tomorrow if
i have some time! Adios!