OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-07-07 00:13:12 (UTC)

Brodway's Dark Tonight ...

O...M...Goodness!! What the hell is up with everyone???
Geez .. I swear, everyone have a freakin' life except for
me!!!! Aaron wanted me to go to the movies w/ him and I was
just like, yea I'll go if I get someone else to go (for
personal reasons) and NO ONE wanted to go or could go b/c
Alicia and Terry are going to drag racing tonight and then
Donnie and Bradley and Kevin only have a little money that
they are saving for the fair tomorrow. So you know what??
Tomorrow, I WILL have a life, and I'll go to the fair with
Donnie and BRADLEY- And wanna know what girls are gonna
go??? Probably none but me :) See how everyone likes that-
*ugh* So yea, I should probably go b/c Bradley is gonna cal
me soon.

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