Kittys thoughts
2002-07-30 23:54:27 (UTC)


Ok well there has been alot of stuff going on since the
last time that i have wrote in got the kids and
moved down the hill...cassie and the baby are living with
cj...despite what my mom wanted me to do I decided to stay
in apple valley,living with Gabe and his parents.Im not so
sure that it was the best thing but then again it could
be,It will make me want to get a job just to get out of the
house.And since I have moved in here Gabe has been acting
strange and distant. Then Ty has been on my mind alot since
I had writtin him and it came back,I dont know if he is out
or if he was moved. It kinda makes me sad that I have no
way of getting ahold of him but I know that if he really
wants to find me he can. Im not to happy at all at this
present time.Im thinking about going down the hill but I
want to be able to see him like I normaly do, but then I
think that maybe it wont be that bad cuz it will only be a
month...i dont know going to go.....bye