2001-01-10 03:26:17 (UTC)

Sunday 010701 Discussion begin..

Sunday 010701 Discussion begin again about seperation or
divorce. He wants to "start a new live with the kids and
without Shannon (me)". This meaning he wants to have the
kids and the house which is exactly what I want. He made a
call to his Dad to get a phone number to an attorney and he
probably offered to pay for it as well.

Monday 010801 I didn't go into work because of the stress
and just being upset about this. He called and schedule
his appointment with his attorney (3:30 pm). Meantime, I
made a few phone calls and spoke to a few people about
things as well. He carried on later that night as if
nothing was wrong as ussual.

Tuesday 010901 I went into work for half a day. I told
him that I didn't want to have to go through this stuff. I
told him that we should talk a little more about it and
make up our mind on what we want to do. I came home and
immediately started getting the house CLEANED and dinner
cooking. To start off on a clean slate to try and keep up
so that things are easier on all of us. Wish me luck to
keep up with a schedule of some kind.