Life, Love and Heartache
2002-07-30 23:04:56 (UTC)


I am feeling so misrable right night. I just sort of
got into a disagreement with the one guy I don't want to
disagree with. He hurt me so long ago, I thought I was okay
with it and past it. I do believe he loves me. I always
believe him on everything he says. The only thing is he
doesn't show it. He tells me, but he doesn't email, he
doesn't send mail and he doesn't call me. He says it, but
doesn't show it. And if I tell him how much I do really
love him I am afraid that later on he will hurt me by
accident, but that won't matter. Once you've been hurt by
someone, you feel so vulnerable and I am so scared that if
he knows, then I may get hurt worse. Not because he will do
it on purpose, but it will happen. He said he is inlove
with me and instead of saying it back, it brought up old
heartache. Man I am such a terrible person......

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