Sporty Tomboy

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2001-07-06 23:27:22 (UTC)

"Valley of the TwentySomethings"

Twenty-year-olds are always tempting, especially to someone
much older and wishing they had their youth back. Are these
youthful people a way out from aging? Sure, they could
bring back college memories or a first career but the truth
of the matter is most are messy, loud and annoying. Just
like celebrities, some are drug-addicts. A young celebrity
even asked my dearest friend to "go to the bathroom, sitck
her finger up her pussy and come back so he could smell
it." They just can't be passionate and romantic enough for
a fourty-year-old.. they haven't even matured enough to
have found themselves. The cute ones are the worst... happy
to be going out with a new generation but un-deserving. No
matter how hard one tries, the "toy" will always be younger
and you'll always be older. The twenty-year difference,
which is their total age! You can not change the age
difference and you can't change them. You have to find a
romantic matured adult to have a long-term relationship
with, the clubs with the twenty-year-olds are just for a
little fun... nothing more.

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