~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
2001-07-06 23:20:46 (UTC)

~*~Lazzzzzy Day~*~

So far today is another one of those lazy days of just
working around the house and watching some good old TV. I
woke up somewhat early today. LOL ok ok so i woke up at
11am thats early for me NEways.

Well, so far nothing bad has happend. Bad meaning nothing
between Karyn and my Jason. Well, i am hoping that
yesterday will be the last of all that shiznit. I just
don't need that stress right before we are moving and Karyn
is moving with us. I wont be able to handle living with
her if she is trying to ruin my life or is ruining my life
with out even having to try.

NEway our house is starting to look so bare. It is
starting to get exciting to move i can't wait to be around
Brandon all the time and he is planning on staying longer
before he has to go into the Navy which will be a very
verrrrrrrry good thing.

Well, others need to use the computer so i will write me
later when i get the chance to.