2002-07-30 22:01:38 (UTC)

Little Chores

Little chores ate up a good part of my day today. I did a
bit of grocery shopping at the local market, went to the
post office and mailed some letters, chatting with people I
ran into at both places. I played with the cats and
watched the birds watching the cats who were watching the
birds. I put laundry on the clothesline and took it down
again once it was dry. I watered my flowers and cleaned up
a few weeds and trimmed back a couple of bushes. I made a
pitcher of iced tea and one of lemonade.

Later in the afternoon I started the pizza dough and put it
on the counter to rise. I grated the cheese and cut up the
green peppers and olives for toppings. I made John's lunch,
did more dishes and there was also more laundry. I made the
bed and cleaned up the bathrooms, talked on the phone with a
friend for a few minutes and made sure the dog had fresh
water. I threw away the faded roses on the vase on the
dining room table and replaced them with some fresh ones
from the front yard. I answered the door and signed for a
Fed Ex package. I napped, read and did some
cross-stitching and quilting.

I had a perfectly lovely day.