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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-10 02:54:57 (UTC)

Boring school day... boring..

Boring school day... boring after school day. It doesn't
look like I'm going to talk to Shanen unless shes on at
like 11 because I have a show that I really wanna watch
tonite... the NEW real world/road rules challenge because I
was addicted to the last one and I watched this whole
season of Real World so.. I wanna c all the unathletic
people put to the test... well any way.. on to better

I bought 2 new CDs today and I want to go back and buy
more! I got the new Orgy ( Vapor Transmission ) and I got
Sum 41 ( Half HOur of Power ). The Sum 41 CD is REALLY
freeakin good! If you like ska-like pop-punk I definately
think you should go get it! Or download some songs from
napster.. I got the CDs at Bradlees... and its going out of
business! LoL The place was pretty trashed. I stole a
pack of gum because I was hungry and I was VERY tempted to
steal the offspring cd ( smash ) but I didn't.

I'm gonna go now my shows almost on and I have a project
that I have to work on. I also have 2 tests tomorrow (
Science and Math ) How fun!! actually it sucks I can
easily pass the math one and I know I'm gonna do okay on
the science one... so I don't relaly have to study just
gotta get to work on that project...

I love you Shanen... if you wanna suprise me call me!
(431#) otherwise I'll see you tomorrow

"I wanna run away, never say goodbye, I wanna know the
truth, instead of wondering why, I wanna know the answers,
instead of wondering no more lies, I wanna shut the door
and open up my mind" ~ Linkin Park