listen to my silences
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2002-07-30 20:02:45 (UTC)

long time, no...anything really

k, since i haven't written in here since may 15th, i'm just
going to give a quick rundown of what's been going on.

graduation and all the events surrounding it were fun, and
a relief. vacation was not really vacation. we drove
every other day, but it was fun i guess. jonathon and i
broke up. parting of ways. we still hang out though.
brodie and i have gotten really close. it's a good
feeling. stephen is in a halfway house in scottsburg.
yay!!! i went back to work and got my car back, but i just
quit work cause of school and i'm not going to have a car
tomorrow because it failed its emissions test and my plates
expire tomorrow. plus the wrong plates are on there. my
family doesn't even own the plates that actually go on my
car. yeah, we're all real geniouses. i went to the creed
concert with adrian. we've gotten pretty close too and it
rocks. the concert was awesome, we had a really good time.

other than that, i'm here. it's 94 degrees outside, so
there's not much to do. i'm in oh well.
later all.

final thought: i want to get so far away from here
but i can't escape from you and i'm trapped in here
please won't you let me get away from this
let me fly so far away
away from all of it