Amy Kam

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2002-07-30 19:59:19 (UTC)


Today I am quite upset with James again. But I REALLY
decided to ignore him for at least a month. These days, I
have been doing pretty good about this, as least I won't
lock myself up at home to talk on the phone. OH
WELL...really have to make that OH WELL gesture by
that "physco" Elton.

It is lunch now and I just finished some Taiwanese sausages
and lettuce with oyster sause. Yummy! At least I don't
have to go out and spend my money on food again.... I know
even I didn't spend extra money for food at lunch time, I
will probably buy some snacks before going to DHL...Oh
well, I spent almost 80% of my salary on food!!!! I better
change this habit to lose abit of weight and save abit of
money!!!!!!! .