Reality Bites
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2002-07-30 17:49:51 (UTC)

home at last!

Yesterday was my last day in the incredibly beautiful Maui.
Mia and I had a very good time. Aside from her constant
talking about/talking on the phone with Gabe, we got along
perfectly. I missed Luke a little at first and I called him
twice but he could only talk for like 5 minutes which
pissed me off and made me not call him anymore. I met a guy
named Michael, he's great. We hooked up and he doesn't live
that far away, so it's cool. We're into a lot of the same
things. When he left it was the saddest thing ever, he was
so cute about it, it was seriously like from a movie. But
you know what? I was just trying to trick myself I guess
because on the plane ride home all I could think about was
Luke. My family led by Mia were all telling me to go for
Michael or a guy of his level whatever that means....I have
to admit that Luke is slow with moving this relationship
along and thats partially my fault for letting him. It
gives me a lot of thinking to do I suppose...Well, I gotta
go but I'll probably write later tonight.