2001-07-06 20:47:11 (UTC)

My first entry...

Well..this is my first entry, and I guess I should tell you
abour myself. Well...I can tell you I'm not normal..I'm
very different..if you want someone who always follows the
crowd and does whatever is cool..go find someone else. If
oyou want someone who makes their own rules, and their own
styles..which is no style at've come to the right
place. I love music....I play violin, piano, i sing, and
I'm going to learn to play guitar. I write poetry, and try
to put it to music, but so far it's not really sounding
right...I just need practice though. I want to start a
band sometime in the future..after I can get the
songwriting thing down, and when I learn guitar. I want to
either name it Pulling Trick..or Atypical Curiosity..Those
are just some ideas though... SO....I don't really know
what to write... I'll think of more later, and come back to


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