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2001-01-10 02:28:56 (UTC)

01/09/01 dear diary,..

dear diary,
hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy wwwaaazzzuuuppp??????
today was the most complacating day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
i gess i should fill u in well here it goes. well after a
year of living together they got marred(my mom&herBOYfriend)
i live with my grandma...anyways...i mean hes nothing but a
PERVERT & A 2 BALLED BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i gess i should
Tell u y well 4 weeks be for the wedding he came in my room
(i lived with my mom then)and he got in bed with me but i
didn't know it cause i was on the phone with my boy friend
and u probaly know how that can be....anyways...he got
under the covers and started touching me it scared me so i
screamed and my boyfriend said whats going on and at that
time my mom,pulled up and he left my boyfriend kept asking
what happen??????? so i told him and he was PISSED oooo was
he PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! when mom came in i told her but she
didn't believe me so i left!!!!!!!!!!!so today was the
wedding i wanded to yell NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!but i
didnt e-mail me AT [email protected] please i need HELP
CIEO*****^^^^^ ------%%%

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