The Daily Babble
2001-07-06 20:32:51 (UTC)

Fireworks...and gorgeous hair?

Hi everyone! I know I haven't written since Tuesday so I
figure I'll catch up now...Lets see...I didn't do anything
on July fact I came to work for a few hours!...I
was supposed to take Nimra and Muhammed to the house to
check it out but they didn't show up until like 2:00! I
had to keep calling and harassing them and then I was just
gonna go home, but I went to the dollar store and bought my
cousin Jui some glow-in-the-dark stars, hehe....Plus I
talked to Jeff for a little bit while I waited. So
anywayz, Muhammed and Nimra finally get there and we drove
into Newark to the Psi U house.

They got a really bad first impression cuz as soon as we
get to the house and I ring the doorbell, this HUGE black
guy comes up to us and like forces us to shake his
hand...then he starts saying "praise the lord, Jesus is our
FAther" and stuff and said he was a reverend [didn't look
like one but thats ok] and then when Rei opened the door,
the guy tried to come into the house and Rei had to push
him out after we said he wasn't with us.

Anywayz, so they looked around and I chatted with Rei for a
bit and then we left...once we got back, I just left to go
home....I didn't really do anything at home
though...Everyone was all cranky for whatever reason so I
just went to my room and read. And then watched the
fireworks that nite on TV of course.

Oh another thing was that Christine called! And I was
finally able to talk to her! Hopefully I can go visit her
next month!

Thursday was a lot of fun...I drove down to Jeff's but we
meet up at this plaza where theres a SuperCuts so he could
get his haircut. Plus he wanted to go to Old Navy and get
me a bathing suit. So after he got his hair cut, we went
to Old Navy...So we're walking around and this lady comes
up to me [this old lady that works there] and she stops me
and says "Excuse me, but you have BEAUTIFUL hair, why do
you put it up? You should leave it down." And I'm like, um
ok thanx and then the lady asked Jeff if he was my
boyfriend and what he thought of my hair. So he says "oh
Yeah, I always tell her to keep her hair down when we go
out and stuff" and I'm like "oh great" the lady helps
herself to my hair! She turns me around and goes "ok
that's it, you're hair's coming down" and she literally
took my hair tie outta my hair!!! I was like good god! So
we got out of that section and then when we were leaving
the lady spotted us and called me over again! And she
said "come here, I have to tell you something, don't worry,
its not bad" and I'm thinking "oh no!"...she said "I have
to tell you, you're gorgeous!..You really are and I don't
say that to many people." I just said thank you and me and
Jeff bolted outta there! Then I asked Jeff "Was I just hit
on?" He cracked up and said yeah! Geez!

So after that, we wandered to some other stores and then
went to Mandees where I got bathing suit bottoms cuz I
already had a top...The register lady was like "oh you're
going topless?!" Good god!

Afterwards, we went to A&P to grab breakfast and then back
to his house. We had bagels and packed up for the beach.
We were so excited driving down...singing along to the
radio and to his CD....We got their and laid out in the
sun...we watched the "surfers" and stuff and then it got
all cloudy! So we weren't there much longer...It got
really cold and stuff so we just left...we didn't even go
in the water and we were only there like a little over an

So then we drove back to his house and hung out there for a
while...we played his new game: DDR for Playstation and
then talked to Caryn and Merissa about hanging out...Then
his mom wanted us to drive over to her work and drop
something off for her so we did that.

His mom works with Alzheimers patients so the patients are
pretty old, then she wanted everyone to meet Jeff, like the
people she works with and some of her patients, so we met a
few people and then sprinted outta there and then met up
with Caryn at Fridays...That was pretty cool, we had a good
dinner but Merissa ended up not coming but we got free
dessert cuz Caryn knew a guy who worked
there! ...Afterwards Caryn came to Jeff's cuz they were
gonna go to a movie so me and Jeff said our good-byes and
then I headed off home.

I didn't do anything at home but I found out that my sister
was sleeping over her friend's house on Friday so I called
Jill about sleeping over and left her a message so that'll
be cool if she can come....

Today hasn't been too bad at work...There was only a few
patients and me and Nimra even went out for lunch [her
treat, oooo, hehe]...and I talked to Jeff for a while...Its
4:30 now so I should finish some work before I go home...I
hope I see some of my friends tonite! Shesh! Hehe..