Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-07-30 15:13:34 (UTC)

I feel like dying again

I'm so depressed and all i can think about is Garrett. I'm
so happy i still hav him but i'm not so sure if he really
forgives me even though eh says he does. I told him id do
anything to make it up to him and i will. I jus feel so
bad, i cut myself again, this time on my stomach and all
day yesterday i was sticking a needle in my skin. i kno it
was bad and all but i dont kno y i'm so drawen to doing it.
it feels good and it's addictive. I jus feel like crawling
in a hole and dying, i wish i had never hurt him, i wish it
had never happened and i wish i was'nt sucha dipshit to jus
think of myself. I officially hate myself right now and i
dont kno when it'l ever go away. I feel like crying and
throwing up. I cant eat and i cant sleep right and all i
can think abouyt is what i did. my whole bodey feels so
worn out and tired of living. i dont feel like living!

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