2002-07-30 14:21:51 (UTC)


Yep! Here I am....once again. Well, the other nite I vented
on this thing and it was really deep, but for some reason,
this stupid thing wouldn't save it. I just took it as maybe
that business wasn't suppose to be on here. OH Well!
Anyway, I've never been a smile person. I notice smiles,
but they are never the first things I notice. I met this
dude that goes to GMC about a month ago. My first
impression was, "Damn, he's kinda cute." I first met him at
Vamps. I danced w/ him and we talked after the club had let
out. Well, as always....we ended up hanging w/ Donta and
the crew after Vamps. I had to take Dee all the way home
and didn't want to ride by myself, so I asked the dude to
ride w/ me. By the way, his name is Brian, but they call
him "Bear"....I'm gonna call him Brian. Anyway, he rode w/
me that nite and when I took him back to his dorm, we sat
in the car and talked until about 4:45am. I can't quite
remember all the stuff we were talking about, but we just
kept talking. I told him that I would be coming back to see
him, but being the female that I am....I never went back.
:( So, this past Sunday, we went over there......okay, to
make a long story short......I talked to him again and we
got stuff straight. His smile.....whoa! He has lil
dimples....goodness, he's so cute. FINE! I got butterflies
when I had to talk to him. His facial expressions are even
cute....hell, they are beautiful. Today, we are suppose to
be going out. All I could think about last nite when I got
home was today. I know when I start to like someone or am
vibing w/ someone, I start to listen to slow music. I won't
and can't really say that I like him, but I'm feeling him.
It's really close to my time being up, but I'm going to see
what happens w/ this. Well, I'll HollA when I HollA! *J*