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2001-07-06 19:50:09 (UTC)

Internet Love

We hear about it more and more all the time, lots of people
meeting on the Net in chat rooms and having a Internet
Romance, well is it possible… I like to believe it is.
For the first time I think I found someone, I shall mention
no names, the person knows who they are, we chat online,
txt msg, and sometimes talk on the phone. For the short
time we have known each other it is amazing how close we
have become.

We hear about it all the time. I was watching GMTV the
other day, they where interviewing a couple that met over
the Internet, and they are now married with a kid. She was
in Sweden he was in the UK. Distance didn’t matter to
them, they knew what they had, and didn’t want to miss out
on it.

Guides For Meeting on the net:
1. Never give out your personal details on the first chat
2. Never meet someone off the net at night or alone
3. Always take a friend with you on your first few meetings
until you feel comfortable
4. Don’t give out your home or mobile numbers until you are
sure you can trust the other person.

Well I know I’ve not followed any of those rules, and I
sure I’m not the only one. I have met people from the net,
I want them to feel safe, and always suggest they bring a
friend and that we meet in a public place at a busy time of
the day.

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