i dont like breakfast
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2002-07-30 13:45:57 (UTC)


JOURNALS/CALLED ME/TOLD ME ONLINE! ohh i love you guys! i
wish i was home! dont worry ill be there soon. and when i
get home, im getting a kitten and im going to build a home
for him and j9 is going to help! if you want to help just
tell me yo ;)

my brother is watching rugrats.. the mirrorland one. hmm i
used to love this show. i dont anymore because ive seen
them all.

i talked to j9 on the phone for an hour and like 30 mins.
then my moms phone battery died. i got sad and nervous. we
talked about many things. like what she has been doing
lately. and how people want to meet me.

it rains every single day here and its like thunderstorms
and me and my mom were getting out of the car and like a
block away the lightening hit and it made this big crack
like noise and i screamed so loud and fell to the floor.
it was so scary.

me, my mom, my brother andthese two people went to s flea
market the other day and it was so hot. it was disgusting.
i saw a hedgehog for sale in a pet srore type thing there
and i wanted it si bad. he was soo cute. i named him
Cutter because i like that name.

AHHH! i cant wait to come home! ive missed so much
important events while i was gone. jeeze... i want to go
home. im so bored.

i want to buy the vs soundtrack. i read the book so many
times since ive been down here. its simply amazing. ive
watched the movie a lot also. my grandma watched it with
me and she was laughing! i asked her what was so funny and
she was saying that it was their home life. i was shocked
because i thought that their home life was very sad that
they had to live like that. and then she was laughing when
cecila killed herself. i was amazed that someone could
actually think that! well my grandma is really odd too..

no one is online so i can talk. im bored. argh. i dont
know what im going to do today im just really bored and i
dont know what to do anymore. 3 more days. just 3 more
days.. 62 hours and 55 mins. i cant wait ;)

well im going to go now. byeee ;) AND LEAVE COMMENTS!