My Life In This World
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2001-07-06 19:49:36 (UTC)

What do I want from life?

What do I want from life? This is a question that a lot of
people ask you when you chat on the Net. Well everyone
does want something from life. For me I want good friends,
love, romance, kindness, I want to have the ability to work
hard and achieve my goals.

Most popular returns: “Wealth and Popularity.”

The way I look at it is if you have good friends you will
be a successful person, you have your friends to rely on
and there when you need help or advice. You can never have
enough friends, but you will only ever find a special group
of friends, who will be in your life for a long time,
friends come and go, best friends change, people grow up
and change, and sometimes the smallest thing can break-up a
friendship, its happened to me and I’m sure its happened to
you too, I’ll maybe write about the later.

Anyone who says all they want is wealth, well money can’t
buy, happiness or friendship, it can give the illusion of
happiness, but it’s a quick fix and will wear off in time.
The true wealth comes from working hard, and true happiness
can come from having good friends and living life, that’s
what its all about, “Living Life”, you should live life as
if there was no tomorrow, well no-one knows, it’s a
terrible thought me we may not wake up in the morning, and
in those last seconds that you may see your life flash by,
you can see all the times where you wish you did this and
not that.

A few regrets I’d have is that sometimes I don’t speak my
mind when I should, and do when I really shouldn’t. I also
regret all those drunken txt messages I tend to send, yeah,
people who know me well; bogglebum, and others know that
sometimes they can be a bit OTT. But lots of people do it
its not new, you tend to tell the truth when your drunk…