My Life In This World
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2001-07-06 19:49:11 (UTC)

My First Kiss

My first kiss was with a girl called Rebecca McKibben, we
have known each other since we where about two. She was
the person that I had my first kiss with, it was one of
those things, you don’t understand the meaning of love, you
just either like someone or you don’t and you well just
spend all the time with them, we kissed, and I can’t
remember who kissed who, I think she kissed me, neither of
us knew what to do, we laughed at it. That was when we
where 11, and she was moving away to a town far away. She
was the second friend to move away. My best friend when I
was 3 till he moved when we where 9, moved because his
father became a minister, he moved to Fife, where they
still live today, I haven’t heard from him since, and doubt
I ever will. Well Rebecca moved for the same reason.

A trend was starting here, and jokes came about like,
you’ve driven then to religion and things like that, I
found it hurtful, they where my friends, and Rebecca still
is, we talk all the time and although we haven’t seen each
other since, we have kept in touch, and are still good
friends, there for each other when needed.