No time for love Dr. Jones
2002-07-30 12:49:58 (UTC)

do... or do not..... there is no try

right, i haven't written in here for, gee let me see, few
months now. oops, that's terrible, boy do i suck, etc etc
etc. I haven't been very motivated to jump on the net
lately, but now i've got net access at work, so i'm a
little more likely to write in here.

Things have been going fairly well lately, work's ok
(theyre sending me to darwin in decmeber for free to do
safety audits), my family is ok (mum is due to give birth
in 5 weeks), and belinda's doing well.

I only really have a few quarrels at the minute. Belinda
and I are getting on fabulously, however, her
sexual 'inexperience' is starting to show, couple this
with her sexual issues due to past problems, and our sex-
life is looking a little one sided. Let's just say, she's
enjoying it a WHOLE bunch more than I am. Not to say that
i'm not getting off, or i'm not having fun, but due to the
fact that i know what i'm doing in bed, and she doesn't
really know what to do, most of the attention is focused
on her. I'm not really sure how to broach the subject
either, she's a little shy about the whole sex thing, so
while she says she wants to try different things, i'm
afraid that if the first thing i suggest doesn't work, she
may clam up and that would suck. I don't know what to do.

Another thing that's been buging me lately is my brother.
He's just about to finish year 12, but he just isn't
motivated to do it. He doesn't look likely to pass, & he
won't listen to me about knuckling down to finish the last
3 months. He's a stubborn shit, and his life is gonna suck
if he doesn't give himself a chance. He doesn't seem to
make the connection between our lives. I was just the same
at the end of year 12, I couldn't give a rat's ass about
it, & as a result, my grades blew, i was forced to get a
shitty job that i hated, and i basically shat a few years
of my life down the toilet. Now i'm 23, living at home and
making 25K a year, while some of my friends who kicked ass
at school are fuckin set. He's just such a little bitch.

That's about all i have to bitch about right now, peace