My Life In This World
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2001-07-06 19:48:19 (UTC)

In The Beginning

I’m gonna get you up to date, so the next few entries will
hopefully bring you up to the present.

I was the first born in the family, born on the 1st of
December 1981, at the Route Hospital, Ballymoney, County
Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Have never lived anywhere
but home till now.

We lived in a large town called Coleraine (Pronounced: Coal-
Rain), County Londonderry.

At the age of 3 I went to play school, a young child full
of the joys of life, a happy child, the same as any other,
at the age of 4 I started primary school, because of the
date my birthday fell I went into Reception, which
basically means an extra year, so instead of just 7 years
of primary I had 8. Sat the 11 funnily enough when I was
11, hee hee.. In primary 6, my teacher said that I should
not sit the 11 but that it was up to me, the reason she
suggested that I not sit it is because I'm dyslexic,
although many, including my headmaster at the time just
thought that I was stupid and said it to my face a lot…
I’ve never been a quitter, and this was no exception, I
knew that I may not do well, but I wanted to be able to
say, “Well at least I tried!”. Well as expected I didn’t
do to well, but that didn’t matter to me, because I knew
that it was because I didn’t get the help I needed. I did
enrol in a Secondary School, called Dunluce, in the small
town of Bushmills, County Antrim. Yes that’s the town
Black Bush come from…

From the years 1993 till 1998 I was a student at Dunluce
Secondary School. My stay at this school was again to be a

Many things challenged me, one of which was that I was
bullied, and in some ways this made me a stronger person.
Watching these people, to me, was sometimes funny, because
they were, well Stupid, it’s the only thing they knew how
to do. I think that it made them feel BIG, but to me it
made them look dumb, because why care what others think, I
don’t, I’m me and if people can’t except you for who you
are well they are not worth worrying about are they?

The next entry is my submission for my GCSE English non-
fiction, personal writing (Summer 2000) it covers my time
at Dunluce.