Judall Treyl

The Understanding Tear
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2002-07-30 11:18:51 (UTC)

Past Compition

Extreme tears are pulling on my eyes and I wish I knew why
Soft things said upset me so dearly and I wish I knew why
I grab things too often
As if they knew the understanding I need
Some times I hang on to something that could numb me
I close my eyes and hope that the ground me could be stable.

I am really unable to understand people who had a harsh
past. They say they have gone through really horrible
things and such. They keep on telling me that what I have
gone through is nothing compared to theirs...when may be
true. I in return from them were only looking for
understanding and some listening done on their part...but
NO they had to push me away and say "My past is worse."
A real friend would listen and understand and learn not to
open their mouth when it is not needed...I know I should
really be taking my own advice at times but this guy is
just like ARRGG! Ya know? Well I am going to go now.
-Judall Treyl-

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