Poetic Soul
2002-07-30 07:22:26 (UTC)

Is It Possible?

The hardest thing I have ever done is what I am doing right
now. How can u be friends wit someone you love wit all your
heart. Is it possible to even do that. Its hard to move on
and leave someone that I love wit all my heart and soul. I
really don't wanna lose her. I am scared if i let her go
now then i will lose forever. It hurts me inside to even
think that. So what do I about it. I have to swallow my
pride right. Step up and be a man about this. But inside it
hurts me. I don't tell her that cuz then I know she will
leave. Its like dat song by Musiq. I am still going crazy
over her. She was and still is the love of my life. I just
didn't make her happy. I couldn't be there for her like she
wanted me to. I just want her in my life again. But right
now I know she can't be. She needs somethin that I can't
possibly give her. Thats wha hurts me inside. Is that
somebody is given her somethin that I couldn't give her. I
love her so much. But is being friends wit her only going
to continue to make me feel this way. Have i truly let go,
or am I staying around and hope everyday that she will come
running back to me. Its only wishful thinking though. She
needs somethin more in her life. I just wanna know if she
still in love wit me. I mean if she said that then I would
feel so happy. I know i am still deeply madly, and crazily
in love wit her.

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