Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-07-30 06:49:58 (UTC)

Memories..and fun stuff!!!

WOW...I haven't written in here forever. Sorry. So much has
happened. Things are alot better then they were. Even
though that asshole hasnt left yet and I want him too(kora
you know who Im talking about). Kora and me have had an
interesting summer so far. Lots of fights and arguments.
Like the camping night for instance. Which I read and
wow...the whole night played in my head. Well as much as I
can remember. I passed out pretty quick that night lol.
Kora having to change my pants which I kinda remember.
Holding onto the back of Jenns legs to go to the
bathromm...WAHOO!! And all the damn fighting. Geez man.
Remind me to like even out the number of guys and gurls
next time. Ahh well got some memories to hold onto there.
Then there was the next time we went camping but without
Nathan and replaced him with Jenns boyfriend Thomas. That
night was abit better. Stacey also came along...who was
like me the time before and was sick and passed out. We had
a good night lots of laughs...."Im a bug" or "Turtle,
Turtle" lol...or me sitting on Koras lap whispering my
little secret to her. Which she kinda got mad and wouldnt
talk to me for abit. Sorry hun if ur reading this...people
make mistakes..and thats something I dont know if I will do
again. Its fun but very addicting. But neways..and then
that night I made a VERY stupid mistake with Brian.
Something I wish I could take back and I cant. And hes
being such an ass....now that he got what he wanted...and
wow look at that another hockey player..no offense if u are
one...but the ones here are players. Piss me off I wish he
would just leave and get outta my life and leave me alone.
Stop making me feel like such shit. Like telling me you
think my friends are hot and that I should imporve
alittle.....ASSHOLE!!!!!!!! Well thankgod hes moving away
from here and me. I should have listened to Theresa when
she said he was an ass...and a player. He just wanted pussy
and he got it...from me. Being the idiot that I am. I know
people make mistakes and I think that one is one of the
many Im gonna make.
Then theres this other guy....Doug. AWWW wut a sweetie. I
like him but I dont. I dont know wut to do with him...hes
always complimenting me over and over again. I mean hey
thats not a bad thing. But it kinda gets sickening
sometimes..ya know!! Some gurls might now how I feel. Its
gets too much. Hes a awesome guy. Someone I know I can
always talk to about anything. So Im hoping tonight when I
tell him jsut friends and nothing else he wont take that
the wrong way and not talk to me again. Because tomorrow
hes picking me and Kora up and Blair and we are going
somewhere with them. I dont want to ruin our friendship.
And now that brings me to mine and Koras awesome adventure
that we are gonna hopefully be doing soon...wow gurl its
gonna be fun...But I think Im gonna end it there..I have so
much more to write but Im doing so many other things right

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