Spring in Summer
2001-07-06 18:43:35 (UTC)

I finally did it

I finally broke up with Robby. So now I'm just out having
fun. But it feels kinda weird to not be with him all the
time. Anyway, 2 of my friends are trying to hook me up with
some guys they know and 2 of my guy friends likes me..I
refuse to choose either of them right now. Is it okay to
play the field in this siuation?? I hope so. Cause that's
what I'm doin.
Oh..My birthday is Wednesday!!!I can't wait. I'm finally
turning 16. Do you have any idea how long I've waited? A
long time! My brother told me that me turning 16 might
be 'sweet' for me but it would be more of a headache for
him. Oh well. I'm staying the night with him this week and
he's gonna get me drunk! I haven't been really drunk in a
while..I'm looking forward to it.
Alright. Nothing more to say for now. I'm out!