AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-07-30 05:55:35 (UTC)

Dearest Ricky....


I guess I’m writing you this letter, just to let
you know I’m not coming back. It’s not you, really…it’s me.
Okay, well me and a boy named Andrew, and the day he came
into my life, my life had new meaning. Don’t be sad, you
didn’t lose me….you never really had me to start with. It
is true, you could have, I imagined growing older and wiser
and experiencing all life had to offer with you, but to
phrase it bluntly, you fucked up. And well, it made me
realize some things about you……some things about me……and
some things about the tragic ending love always seemed to
hold, for me at least. And I couldn’t get that living image
out of my head, it haunted me…taunted me, it was always in
the air, the bitter scent of misfortune. And I thought I’d
never escape it, would never feel… free. I never
thought I would, until he showed up one night. Walked into
my life with a mysterious air, I couldn’t read a thought on
his mind, and for once, I really didn’t care. He had me
confused, had my head going in circles, and as I was
captured by his shadiness, it was not until he took my hand
and we gazed upon the stars that weren’t even really there,
that I started to fall. And when he kissed me, I was gone
from this place that you had pulled me into. I was flying
high above everyone, no one could bring me down in that
fraction of a second. In that moment, the skies opened and
my heart fluttered and I could die happy right there. So
like I said, I thought I’d write you this letter, just to
let you know I wasn’t coming back, don’t wait up for me,
but I do thank you for teaching me things that I needed to
learn, and for showing me emotions that I needed to feel,
in order to make my way to the rest of my life, and his
name is Andrew.

Sincerely Yours,

Shanen *. *****

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