the ups and downs of my life
2002-07-30 04:26:30 (UTC)

i went tubeing with casi on..

i went tubeing with casi on sunday and it was fun but i am
so sore. i hope i get to do it again. she spent the nigh
on saturday. we stayed up till 2 and talked to weirdos on
the net..everyone i talk to that i dont know is so weird.
like one wrestled his mom and another did drugs and wanted
to marry his first g/f

wel today i went to the ortho and now my tooth hurts i went
down b.c i broke something and they dont care so if i
breakl something else in the future im not going down there
for a special trip. i dont care anymore.

well then we went to country buffet and the mall down
there. my lil sis bought flip flops and it was funny when
she was trying to learn how to walk in those.

well tomorrow i am going tubing...thats what my dad
said..we were going to go to this gamefarm but not anymore.
my brother is at my cousins so maybe we will go on thurs or

well thats it for now