Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-07-30 03:58:55 (UTC)

Poem - "All in Due Time"

You were born with a face that loves a good mirror,
And as you move on its purpose grows clearer,
No door will close before you get through it,
No party will start until you get to it,
Whatever you find yourself dreaming about,
Like magic it all will work itself out.
From day number one your path has been clear,
Let them sweat it out while you turn a deaf ear,
Let them do the digging, the fighting and bleeding,
The struggling and scraping, the suffering and needing.
Let them cry at night and chase a dim star,
You don’t give a damn or even care who they are.
You’ve never seen bricks burned black in the night,
Since childhood you’ve bathed in crystal-clear light.
You’ve never dropped down to your knees in the rain,
Silently crying, enduring the pain,
Seeking salvation that never will come,
Bleeding in the gutter ‘till your nerves grow numb.
You sit back enjoying the life you’ve been handed,
Nothing from you having yet been demanded,
Much time will pass before that comes to change,
To you the idea seems silly and strange.
Your miserable death lies too far away
To be seen by two eyes that don’t look past today,
Two eyes that can’t see the bleak nightmare night,
Two eyes that see trouble and close from the fright.
But you don’t care, you like being blind,
Clearing your path without looking behind,
Burning every bridge you set foot upon,
Discarding the dead when the day breaks at dawn,
Ignoring the wise who know your kind well,
Not knowing what lies in the story they tell.
So bide your time and enjoy every day,
Because when the time comes it’s too late to pray,
Your immortality is all in your head,
Nothing’s forever except that which is dead.