Britt's No Brainer Thoughs
2001-07-06 16:14:21 (UTC)

When leaves change colour.

October is coming around the corner. That's when I spread
my wings & and head over to the East Coast. Fall is
beautiful. More beautiful than Washington is. Fall is the

I really don't like states that have 4 seasons. My
allergies work up around April, and last until summer is
usually done. Fall though, it goes away until the spring
comes up again and I start sneezing my ass off, and my eyes
start watering.

Cold weather is good. I like dressing up with bundles of
clothing on me. I'm a hater of tight clothing when it comes
Spring and Summer. Actually, I don't mind shorts, but not
the ones that go up so high, that you have an permanent

The rain and the sun at the same time is just wonderful.
Crappy weather is the best. Indoors with someone you love
is even better.

I have to go now, get dressed and go to my grandpa's house
for a couple of hours.