OhBaby It Is Me

2002-07-30 03:02:38 (UTC)

I m so tired of trying to be..

I'm so tired of trying to be nice to people and
getting nothing in return, and I'm sick of people who are
suppose to support you, say shit on a subject they know
nothing about. I mean, really, what have I done that's so
horrible? I've done nothing that can be held against me
b/c the person that is trying to hold it has done something
worse then I have (with one exception)I try to please
everyone and then they say something to me and go off and
say something else to someone associated with me. Like
dumb ass fucking scot. He tells me all this shit about
liking me, not that I care if he does or not, but then he
goes off and tells my sister that he doesn't favor one of
us more and shit. Fuck him! and then that asshole next
door, I bust my ass to make him happy and all he can do is
be a bitch to me. Well it's all going to stop here. I'm
not going to do anything for anyone but myself. I don't
need any people that are going to drag me down and make me
feel worthless. Not at all. I'm not going to do anything
unless I want to do it and when it's going on, if i dont'
like a part of it and I can't change it, I'm just out of
there. I'm not going to go pussy-footing around other
peoples feelings if they put on steel-toed boots to kick

They're all gonna wish they thought twice about pissing me
off. I'm not one to end things lightly