2001-07-06 15:46:33 (UTC)


This guy has lasted for more than a week. That's not
normal. Usually they last for a week and then I break it
off for some reason. There's something there that may last
forever. But who know's. The weird thing is. I've known
this guy all my life. He's my best friends brother. It's
weird. But I really do love him. I just cant say I love
you to him. I'm not ready. Jesse left some big scars on
my heart and I dont know when they will heal. It may take
a while. Even though I still think about Jesse and I still
feel like I love him. I have begun to believe that all I
really need is Duane. He is so cute. Black hair. Brown
eyes. Tall. Skinny. Sweet as can be. When he wants to
be. Smart. Funny. And he loves me. That's really all I
do need. He may be six years older than me and I may only
be 14 at this time. But it's there. We are getting alot
of shit from everybody. Except our moms. They are really
cool about it. They want us to be together. That's always