rundari's endless ranting
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2001-07-06 15:37:06 (UTC)

depressed or pissed off,you decide

me again.isnt it strange,how you think you want to be
something,but when you talk to someone,you say what you
really want to be?like on the 4th of july,i was talking to
gramma and she asked me what i wanted to be when i
graduated.i told her i either wanted to be a linguist or an
artist.did i want to impress her or is that how i really
feel?hmm...emotions suck. still lonely,but the chances of
finding a guy here are pretty slim,heh. if you're in the
sparta area give me a ring,my number is-anyway,i had a good
chance with a guy i went out with once.he wasnt that bad
looking,and we got along great,complete opposites,but we
always ended up in harmony.i dumped him on christmas eve
because-get this-i fell for another guy who dumped me after
three days.(note:learn from this kiddies)anywho..going to
see the final fantasy movie.that should be fun.i
hope.*stares at her feet* my toes are so wierd.arent toes
the strangest? simple things are so wierd..

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