2002-07-30 02:43:03 (UTC)

Kittens, Cats, and More

I woke up this morning to hear a little *meow*. I knew it
wasn't one of our cats; this sounded like a kitten. And it
was! Gavin is taking care of Jessica's new kitten today as
she had to go to work and didn't have time to buy it food or
cat litter. I call the kitten *it* because when I looked at
him/her I thought it was a girl but John thinks it's a boy.
It's only three months old and very fuzzy so it's hard to
tell. So today we've had a little kitten to play with-- not
that our cats mind. It's summer and in the summer they are
almost entirely outside cats. They weren't even aware of
this cute little interloper!
When I watered the blueberries this evening I saw that many
of them are ripe. I told John to expect some on his cereal
The butcher called to tell us our half-beef has been cut and
wrapped and is ready to be picked up. We'll be going
Wednesday afternoon. First we'll do a little shopping in
Salem then stop in Independence on the way home to pick up
the beef. I'm not certain exactly where we'll go in
Salem except I have the second hand book store near the
river on my list.
I'm about ready to give up reading Barbara Vine's The Blood
Doctor. The subject matter is not appealing and the book
keeps bogging down with descriptions I don't find
particularly enthralling. I may just move on to one of T.
Jefferson Parker's books.

I have a number of books on hold which the library doesn't
yet have-- Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson, Enough
Rope by Lawrence Block, From a Buick 8 by Stephen King, Bad
Boy Brawly Brown by Walter Mosley, The Moment She Was Gone
by Evan Hunter, Partner in Crime by J.A. Jance and Red
Rabbit by Tom Clancy among others. I'm first or second in
line for all of these books. I have a list of books I want
to read and I check every day to see if the library has
ordered them yet. Getting books at the library is much, much
cheaper than buying them even if it does mean a 50-mile
round trip.
I saw that the FDA has put out a warning about Spokane
Produce brand romaine lettuce after it was associated with
an E. coli outbreak. Not a problem here. I don't buy
lettuce in the grocery store--at least not in the spring and
summer. I have two large clay pots and grow my
own. One pot has iceberg and the other has romaine.

I have lots of tomatoes but none are ripe yet. I have
already harvested several green peppers. My container
garden is nothing like my huge half-acre garden I had at the
country place but on the other hand I don't do much canning
anymore. I must have at least a thousand canning jars in
the attic at that house and there was a time when I filled
them all. I don't want to think about it. Too much work! I
will be making and canning bread and butter pickles at
the end of August but everything else will be eaten fresh or

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