Cute Chaos

2002-07-30 02:02:24 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 26th

MikeyO came over this morning and asked if I wanted to go
to a movie. We went to go see Austin Powers Gold Member. I
think everyone should go see it. It is crazy funny. They
best part is when Britney Spears gets blown up cause she is
a silly whore and needs to die! GO AUSTIN!

My g-ma called and I had to pack up clothes for my mom in
UG. She is allowed to have her own stuff in minimum
security I just hoped that she does not get mad because I
did not pack the right things. Nothing is ever good enough
for her. I am glad are next visit with her is not going to
take as long!

I went over to Korrie house to spend the night. Tomorrow is
her birthday Party. They came over and half and hour early
and I was still in the bath (shaving). WE just like hung
out and talked all day. She got her cowboy hat and cell
phone. It is really annoying cause she is like "oh call my
cell..." or "My cell is better than yours!" WHO CARES! All
she keeps talking about is how she is going to look so cute
in her truck with her cowboy hat. It is getting really
annoying. I ate like a pig at Korrie's. I had two bowls of
spaghetti and 2 pieces of break along with two cookies and
some M&M's. We played some basketball but then she wanted
to go on the Internet. I was getting bored so I went into
the bedroom and started to fall asleep. Then she started to
talk on the phone and bounce on the bed. I just wanted to
go to sleep. She drew on my foot too (I did not know it
until the following morning though). I kind of feel bad
that I feel asleep while she was still up, but she had a
guest and was not doing anything with me so what was I
supposed to do, Just sit there and wait for her?